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National Art Museum

The Italian architect Silvio Contri designed this building, which was built after the demolition of the old San Andrés College of the Society of Jesus, which had been transformed into a hospital.

The building in question began its construction in 1904, using national labor and Italian craftsmen, and was completed in 1911. Initially, it served as the headquarters of the Secretariat of Communications. Later, another building was constructed for this function and the palace was adapted to house the General Archive of the Nation.

In 1982, the majestic palace became the National Museum of Art, and later the Telegraph Museum was inaugurated. It is interesting how a building can be adapted and transformed over time to serve different purposes.


Opening hours:

Tue-Sun 10am-5pm


Centro histórico

Mexico City


Tours and Information:

The Wild Oscar Front Desk

Phone: +52 (55) 6844 0300

Whatsapp: +52 (55) 3432 2465


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