The best day trips from Mexico City

Use your vacation time to get to know magical towns and other tourist destinations, many of which are located around Mexico City

Although Mexico City has so many alternatives for entertainment, like restaurants for design lovers, odd museums or secret bars, sometimes we need a break from the hustle and bustle and to breathe some fresh air. If you’re itching for an out-of-town getaway but are a bit short on time, we recommend some places close to the city you can travel to in just a few hours. An inactive volcano, 30 meter high waterfalls, the biggest flower garden in the world and an old mining town are all day trips from Mexico City which will take you by surprise.

Tourist destinations around Mexico City

1. Nevado de Toluca

In under just three hours of driving you can get to Xinantécatl, better known as Toluca Mountain. Get your boots and warmest coat ready because this is a trip that can’t be missed by anyone who lives in Mexico. Imagine yourself spending the day in a volcanic crater with two lakes and a stoney landscape without any kind of pollution: not visual, auditory nor actual physical pollution in the air. For city-dwellers, these are the ideal conditions for any perfect escapade.

This natural wonder is found in our neighboring Mexico State at 4600 meters above sea-level. Its name means naked man in Nahuatl and it’s a dormant volcano that offers many possibilities to explore in addition to mountain sports. It’s best to go in your own car and to leave the city early to avoid those always-tantalising traffic jams. Unless you have a bike and the physical condition of a good athlete, you should park when you’ve arrived at the top of the crater or where there’s a shelter with bathrooms (approximately 40 minutes from the top). There are various trails to take to arrive at the lakes and The Eagle and The Captain peaks, which will be snow-covered depending on the time of year that you visit.

2. Jardines de México

The largest floral garden in the world measures 91 acres and is located in Mexico. Just an hour and a half outside Mexico City, Gardens of Mexico (Jardines de México) offers a lush experience for lovers of all kinds of forms of vegetation, in Tehuixtla, Morelos.

The space is divided into seven themed gardens, all of which you can comfortably visit by using their free transportation within the garden, which makes your stay there totally tranquil. The garden is outlined by a fan of flowers—literally a giant fan made up of thousands of multicolored flowers.

The Four Springs garden contains more than 130,000 flowers that change shape and color throughout the year but never stop blooming, as if it were always spring; the cactus garden has 200 species that are representative of the semi-arid zones in Mexico and, in contrast, the tropical garden has an orchid nursery as well as a few waterfalls.