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Tepoztlán Tour

Before getting there, we Weill visit “Tres Marías” which is a place in the highway where we will delight ourselves having breakfast. Well known because of its several options of real Mexican food. (Quesadillas, sopes, tacos, mushroom soup, etc.)

Tepoztlán is a very small town full of magic and traditions. Located about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Mexico City. In the middle of Rocky Mountains, it offers us wonderful views from any spot you stand, but specially if you dare to climb the mountain to get to the archeological site you will have a once in a lifetime view.

Also famous for its very unique handcraft market, this small town is the capital of Chapulines (crickets). We will be able to try these in the food market that has a lot of delicious dishes for you to eat.

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Tour by Stepping Mexico


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