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Where to buy Mexican Handicrafts

Colors, arts and tradition. When we talk about Mexico, we must talk about its culture, and handicrafts are part of the national cultural expression that has passed on generation to generation.

Mercado Ciudadela

A colorful party unfolds at every step in this crafts market: the shelves are lined with skulls, jugs, jaguar heads made of black clay, wood or Huichol trinkets, traditional toys, palm baskets, saddlery, vases, pots and talavera plates, alebrijes and replicas of pre-Hispanic pieces. All of the crafts that can be found anywhere in the country's tourist centers can be also be found here.

Bazaar Sábado

San Angel is an anomaly that feels like one of those "Magical Villages" of the Mexican countryside. In reality, when you’re here you’re only a few hundred meters from one of the busiest avenues in Mexico City. Even so, the strange mix of colonial houses and cobblestone streets remains strange. You can find some of the same crafts and restaurants here as you would in the closest Pueblo Magico, Tepoztlán. However, the vibe here is very much capitalist.

Mercado de Coyoacán

One of the areas with the highest number of visitors in the city is the Coyoacán neighborhood center. Its squares, restaurants, cafes, fountains, kiosks, and namesake market make it an ideal place to spend the day.

Everything in this market is very traditional: the food, trinkets, art, and even the potpourri of smells makes this a one-of-a-kind experience.

By Time Out Mexico


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