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Gastronomic Tours

Experience a side of Mexico City that most tourists don't see. Small groups, expert guides, thoughtfully curated tastings. Choose one of our gastronomic tours that will enrich your knowledge about Mexican gastronomy.

A palette of Mexican flavors (Polanco)

It is your chance yo enjoy a place that recently opened it self to create one of the greatest culinary experiences in Mexico and all around the globe.

Come and delight yourself with one of the most exclusive gastronomy experiences with The Wild Oscar and Stepping Mexico. You can enjoy lunch in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

(At least 3 weeks in advanced)

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From Xochimilco to your table

An unforgettable experience in the whole world. Sail in a “trajinera” with your own chef and sommelier while you enjoy local products.

Amaze yourself with the technology given by the Aztecs in their “chinampas” and discover the secrets of their crops.

Three UNESCO world heritages in one trip.

(Minimum 15 people and at least 2 week in advanced)

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Drink Mexico (Local cantinas in downtown)

The most delicious cocktails in Mexico will be the perfect excuse to enjoy the eccentric taste of the cantinas in downtown Mexico City.

Discover the taste behind every gulp, the stores and secrets mixed in every drink.

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Right at the stove’s heart (Downtown Main Square)

Put your eyes in the history of Mexican gastronomy. Enjoy while you visit places that will give you an idea of the process that gave birth to the national gastronomy walking through different sites in the heart of downtown.

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In search of yesterday’s tastes (Downtown)

Enjoy some of the places that held lots of history and tradition in Mexico City Downtown, just right there, where most Mexican grannies lived some their best experiences of their lives and made gastronomy of this country become simply delicious.

Find out all hidden stories behind its restaurants, bakeries, churrerías, cafés, bars, candy shops and many more family business in downtown that now are icons of our city.

This tour includes traditional Mexican coffee with milk, Mexican sweet bread, wine, tapas and a delicious lunch in one of the oldest restaurants in Mexico City.

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The banquets without Frida (Coyoacán)

The neighborhood of Coyoacán has witnessed lots of banquets that changed the history of Mexico. From here we can understand the culinary culture that has spread out through the whole country. Enjoy this street food tour that will make you feel amazed.

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The core of the origin (Central and fish markets)

The perfect way to understand the beginning of everything is getting you involves with true locals. The “central supply” and the “fish” markets are the perfect places to try lots of fresh ingredients that will end up in delicious traditional street dishes.

Pamper your taste with this tour that will enrich your knowledge about Mexican gastronomy.

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Tours and Information

For more information, please contact us. Make sure to ask for hours, prices and guide at Front Desk.


The Wild Oscar Front Desk

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Tours by Stepping Mexico.

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