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Downtown Tour

Downtown is the oldest part of the city, which also is home of some of the finest treasures that our country has. This area is full of streets that invite us to walk through the past and remember Mexico City’s time of splendor, a time when horse-drawn carriages carried viceroys and high officials inside.

In this area we can find beautiful buildings and historical sites, such as the Cathedral and National Palace that is the government’s headquarters. Both of these buildings stand in front of the Zocalo, known as the Constitution Square, the second largest in the world (after the Red Square in Moscow).

After visiting many of the historical sites that this area offers, we can take a walk in Madero Street, which is know due to its stores, churches and of course its vivid environment. At the end the street we can finish this ride in the marvelous Palacio de Bellas Artes that represents the most important cultural centre in Mexico.

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