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Bazaar Sábado

San Angel is an anomaly that feels like one of those "Magical Villages" of the Mexican countryside. In reality, when you’re here you’re only a few hundred meters from one of the busiest avenues in Mexico City. Even so, the strange mix of colonial houses and cobblestone streets remains strange. You can find some of the same crafts and restaurants here as you would in the closest Pueblo Magico, Tepoztlán. However, the vibe here is very much capitalist.

At the core of this touristy village charm is the Bazaar Sábado. It’s only open on Saturdays and is home to crafts, exotic objects, art, design pieces, decorations, trinkets, and other nameless knick-knacks mostly reminiscent of Frida Kahlo and Guadalupe Posada.

The Bazaar house is also home to a food space that’s more like an elevated traditional fonda; Fonda San Angel. The menu offers Mexican delights like, quesadillas. Our favorites are the chicken tinga, mushroom with cheese, and the Huitlacoche. Anyone who’s had quesadillas before will attest to the quality of these being the real deal. If you’re up for it, there’s even a buffet here and if you’re thirsty, try the mango, lime, strawberry, or tamarind mezcal margaritas.



Plaza San Jacinto 11

San Ángel

Mexico City


Cross street:

Dr. Gálvez


Opening hours:

Sat 10am-6pm

By: Paola Palazón / FS, Time Out México

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